dRx Capital AG is a joint investment company launched by Novartis and Qualcomm with a capital commitment up to $100M. dRx strives to catalyze the success of digital medicine products, services, and business models by investing in early-stage companies and leveraging our extensive networks in Pharma, Mobile/IT, and investment community.


Our team is comprised of fund managers from both backers. The partners from Qualcomm also manage the Qualcomm Life Fund at Qualcomm Ventures which has been ranked as one of the most prolific venture investors in digital health, while the partners from Novartis bring in extensive business and clinical experience from a leader in the pharma industry.


Digital Health is a fast-evolving space, where Pharma stands to benefit from advancements. We are seeking entrepreneurs using digital technology to transform pharmaceutical products, sales and marketing, R&D, and enterprise operations. Together, we can improve the lives of patients and clinicians and usher in the era of digital medicine.

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